The Cambodians Are Coming!

It has been a long time since I’ve posted on VK-EX. I have been teaching my Holocaust course and so have put Cambodia out of my mind for a bit. OK, not really. I mean I seem to manage to eat Khmer food at least once a week, I still have plenty of Khmer students to teach, and the Cambodian interns are arriving on Wednesday.

The story is this: I went to Phnom Penh in July, felt frustrated with the teacher training, and opened my mouth only to hear these words come out: “You know what would be great? If you (Chamroeun) came to the US and worked with me in my classroom for a couple of months.”  And no sooner had that come out of my mouth, then I invited a second person to come and work with me. Perhaps I was hoping for a reality check from Youk Chhang when I asked him permission to allow his two DC-CAM staffers to come to work with me, but all I got from him was an enthusiastic “When?”

And the when is Wednesday, right in the middle of January.

Chamrouen at the training this summer. She will arrive in Boston on Wednesday!

Thank goodness for Phala! I immediately enlisted her help in my harebrained scheme and she has stepped right in. She is providing housing for both Rasy and Chamrouen, picking them up at the airport and providing for their smooth integration into life in Lowell.

And what will they be doing here? The plan is that they will be working with me in my classroom next semester when I begin teaching my elective Cambodia:Culture and Conflict. They will be observing me teach, learning about methods of genocide education, and also teaching their own lessons. In addition, Rasy and Chamrouen will be my Cambodia experts in residence. It should be a fantastic experience for my students and for me.


One response to “The Cambodians Are Coming!

  1. I think that you may have been born in the wrong country. Do I see a retired Mrs. M staking a life in the Cambodian jungle?

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